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  • Select the right location Choose your preferred location. Try to find a location that is close to your workplace, and choose a place that is surrounded by decent crowd and easy access to schools, shops, hospitals and parks.

    Check the Facilities you need at your new home

    Make sure your new apartment/home has all the necessary facilities like drinking water, electrical points, lift, parking area, enough ventilation, security etc.

    Decide your Budget:
    You need to identify the minimum and maximum budget that you are ready to spend to buy you new home. Make sure you keep the current market rates and you current earning potential to arrive at your budget.

    Verify Property Documents:
    Before purchasing a property, there are a number of enquiries that need to be done to confirm that the land has a clear and marketable title. Land Ownership Documents,Conversion Certificate, Building License, Approved Drawings, Deed of declaration etc

    What constitutes conclusion of the sale?

    Sale agreement is the first agreement to be signed on stamp paper between the buyer and the builder. It includes the booking advance, carpet area, built up area and super built up area, final amount to be paid and the due date to pay the final amount.
    Sale Deed is a document that states that you are the owner of the apartment that is certified by the sub registrar of that area. It includes the address of the apartment and the amount for which you are buying the apartment.

    Booking your home:
    Book the flat by giving the booking advance and get the sale agreement from the builder on stamp paper. Give the final amount of the flat before the date mentioned in the Sale Agreement. Get the Sale Deed registered from the sub registrar in the locality. Take possession of the property.